Refined Bowling

Refined Bowling 2.0

The emotion of a bowiling game and tournament to share with friends
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Refined Bowling is a great alternative for bowling fans. This game has different options in single games and tournament. You can control rock and roll music, camera moves, additional views and you can experiment the 3D simulation of a bowling rock and roll place.
In the main screen you will find different options of players, sound, music and cameras. You will be able to make single games or different tournaments to share with your friends or other opponents. The main screen gives you other game alternative and subscription.
In order to control the game the only thing you need is your keyboard, with right and left keys you will direct your shot toward your objective, with an indicator moving in your screen you will press the space bar once to select de position and another to strike your shot. The objective is the same as bowling and you need to take care of every shot you make to have a good score. Your technique must be patient, so be careful with the time to press your space bar.
A great experience is the sound and effects in this arcade simulation, it seems you are in the place. Enjoy this great shot and beat all your opponents.

Birgilio Rivera
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  • Entertainment and friend bowling tournaments


  • The speed of the game can be as faster and explosive as music or controls
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